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Patanjali Divya Saffron 1 gm

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Patanjali Kesar is pure Indian Saffron.Saffron is used as a spice, yellow food coloring, and as a flavoring agent.Saffron is used for asthma, cough, whooping cough and many other things and general wellness.


  • It is good for the digestive system.
  • It soothes down any discomfort caused due to intake of spicy, hot and pungent foods.
  • It relieves stomach gas.
  • It improves natural glow on the skin.
  • It also improves skin complexion and makes it fairer.

Ingredients: Pure Indian Saffron

Article is in new condition. Ships from India, reaches worldwide max of 30 days (2-5 weeks). Free S/H on all orders. Please consult a physician and do not self medicate. With a view to amalgamate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern scientific practices of manufacturing, Divya pharmacy has been set-up. The aim is to produce in high volumes quality tested hygienic Ayurvedic formulations at reasonable prices. Vision "To build a disease free world by making every individual physically strong, emotionally balanced, socially responsible and spiritually awakened." Buy best quality Baba Ramdev Divya Patanjali products online at we have most affordable prices. Free S/H on all orders.

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