Buy Garbhwati Mahilao Ke Liye Yog online for USD 7.66 at alldesineeds

Garbhwati Mahilao Ke Liye Yog


  • $ 7.66 USD

This DVD is a special package, which combines the very effective Pranayam, light Exercise and Aasans important for expecting mothers, with the useful home remedies and Ayurvedic medication for the various problems & diseases been suffered by ladies during Pregnancy. It also includes the proper diet plan for the nurturing mothers.
• Every women dreams of an immensely talented & highly intellectual, extraordinary child, Which can be realized if the Pranayam & Aasans depicted in this DVD be followed religiously.
• To imbibe in the child the values of our traditionally rich culture, mothers should focus their Attention in devotional string.
• By regular practice of Pranayam, you will escape being a mother of Mangol, physically Challenged and mentally retarded child.
• Diseases during Pregnancy like depression, Thyroid, Hypertention, Asthama, Vomiting, backache etc. are dealt in detail in this DVD.

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