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Kids Adventures (Set of 3 DVDs- Tintin the Secret of the Unicorn/Jumbo/Jumbo - 2)


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THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN Globally beloved young reporter Tintin and his fiercely loyal dog Snowy - iconic characters created by Herge - are brought to life in the worldwide smash hit, The Adventures of Tintin. After discovering a model ship carrying an explosive secret, Tintin and his friends find themselves in the crosshairs of a diabolical villain. From the high seas to the sands of the North African deserts, every new twist and turn sweeps viewers to ever greater levels of thrills, peril and adventure for the whole family. JUMBO Jumbo is a young elephant who lives his carefree life in a forest, but he's always wondering of his lost father whom he's never met. Inspired by the intention to serch for his father, Jumbo leaves the forest and sets his journey to the bigger wold. His journey brings such an extraordinary adventure to him. He's experienced so many lessons of life, and finds real friends. Finally, jumbo become a mature elephant who's so brave and powerful, but has a gentle heart. He fights for the king and country until his courage becomes a legend. JUMBO 2 JUMBO is set after the victory of "VIJAYGARH" against the invasion of the powerful "SHOURYAGARH" empire when JUMBO is appointed as King VIKRAM'S royal elephant services the king in many battles. It isn't the end of the war when the SHOURYAGARH empire determinedly declares more battle. Before VIJAYGARH'S troop could set the journey to the battlefield, some of the SHOURYAGARH soldiers creep up to VIJAY GARH to capture people as their captives. They even kidnap JUMBO'S wife Sonia and children Luv and Kush. To save his family from danger, JUMBO escapes from VIJAYGARH to encounter his new adventure with single handed battle in the land of enemy. This is the biggest mission for JUMBO to challenge.