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Mr. India movie that released commercially in 1987 was a runaway hit and went on to acquire the status of a cult classic mainly because of the one-liners and catchy songs. 'Mr. India' directed by Shekhar Kapoor has regaled generations of movie enthusiasts and continues to be one of the most watched Bollywood films. The movie starring Anil Kapoor (Arun Verma), Sridevi (Seema Sahni) and late Amrish Puri (Mogambo) in decisive roles has made it to the list of '100 Greatest Indian Films of All Times' that was drawn up during the centennial celebrations of the Indian Film industry in 2013. The narrative of Mr India movie DVD centres round a benevolent individual, Arun Verma, who gets hold of a device that lets him become invisible whenever he wishes to. Mogambo, an international crime lord, wants the gadget for himself to establish his suzerainty over the world.

In the Mr India Film DVD, you see Arun Verma who is an orphan sparing no effort to provide shelter to orphaned children still finding it difficult to make ends meet. He gives one of the rooms on rent to a journalist (Seema Sahni) in order to survive at the subsistence level. Things take a turn for the worse when Mogambo takes a liking for the house to stockpile his firearms. He dispatches a band of hooligans who mercilessly thrash Arun and the children and threaten them to vacate the house. Meanwhile, Prof. Sinha (late Ashok Kumar) a friend of Arun's father gives him a gadget with the help of which one can become invisible. Will Arun who assumes the alias of 'Mr. India' be able to get the better of Mogambo and foil his nefarious scheme? Find out more in Mr India full movie?

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