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Belief in Re-Birth is ingrained in the Hindu. This is a story of re-birth and of two lovers who, having met in their previous birth, had, through evil circumstances, lost each other. Anand, the hero of the picture, accompanied by a doctor friend, is on his way to the station to receive his wife Radha. The way is blocked and the two friends are forced to spend a while in a hoary mansion obviously heavy with a brooding past. Anand notices a portrait which he recognizes somehow-he does not quite know how but he is absolutely convinced that it is Urga Narayan, the Zamindar, whom he had served in his past birth. He is also certain that it was painted by himself, but how did he know? The old caretaker of the mansion says that what Anand Babu has said is quite true. This is the portrait of the last of the Zamindars of the estate and his name was Ugra Narayan. It all comes back to me. Anand thinks aloud. Here a flashback to the past birth starts the story: Anand is appointed new Manager of the estate. Among the servants there is Virsingh, who not only looks like but it is a villain. He revels in extorting money from the poor and exerting his power over the weak and helpless. Anand is stern with him, which makes Virsingh his sworn enemy. Urga Narayan comes to the estate to take charge of it. Once, while riding recklessly through the narrow streets, he nearly crushes a little boy to death. Anand rescues him. This wins pretext, is taken to the Zamindar's mansion. A few days later Anand comes across Madhumati's double whose name is Madhavi, related to a Police Officer. Anand wonders why she avoids him so. Soon he realises his mistake. Madhavi takes pity on his state and promises to help him to have the Zamindar arrested. Anand gets an assignment from the Zamindar to paint a portrait of him.

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